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I came to Myanmar alone, apart from my family. When I first came to Myanmar, there was not any information. This real estate store was ample in size and searched for a convenient room at a distance of 5 minutes from the office. They negotiated the details of the contract terms with the owner. I was very grateful to a reliable real estate agency.


Half a year has passed since I came to Myanmar. I am very grateful to this real estate agent. My friend introduced this real estate agency to me. When consulting the real estate store with conditions such as location, budget etc, he found me a good room in one day. After the contract, I will consult them when trouble occurs. They always help me.


I chose this shop from a lot of Myanmar real estate agents. The reason is that detailed property information was stated on the homepage. The picture of the property was also beautiful ..... They will help me even after the contract, when I am in trouble. Because they are, I can live in Myanmar with peace of mind. Thank you.

client01 I came to Myanmar with my family. Living in a country for the first time is hard. It was difficult to find a comfortable house in Myanmar. They looked for us a beautiful new building. owever, there were many troubles in the new building. They gave us a polite after-sales service. When I search for a house, I will ask them next time.
client06 This real estate agent showed us more than 10 rooms a day. Thanks to them, we found a nice room. They also went together to purchase furniture. Thank you very much.
client07 We were struggling to find a house. This real estate agent has proposed the property several times. Then we found the ideal house. When their wives were in bad physical condition, they brought their wives to the hospital. They are trustworthy real estate agents.
client02 If you look for a room, I think any real estate agency is the same. I think that it is only this real estate agent that will help us in case of trouble. Myanmar has troubles of water supply and electricity. At that time, this real estate agent will help us.
client04 I moved to Yangon and had trouble finding houses. Consulting with this real estate agent, they understood our troubles and looked for a house with good environment to raise our children. Since I found a good house, I can live safely in Yangon. I was really lucky.
client05 Our family has lived in various countries. We met a real estate agent who we can trust for the first time. They will respond in good faith to power failure, water supply, electric trouble, all troubles. Our family is safe because we have them. Thank you.


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