Q: Do tenants pay security deposits in Myanmar?

For apartments and condominiums, deposits are not normally required.

For service apartments, a security deposit is required

Q: How much is the brokerage fee?
A: It is one month's rent of the room.
Q: How do I pay the rent?

Pay by cash or check, bank transfer.

You have to pay the rent for one year at a time.( In the case of an individual owner property)

Service apartments can pay rent every month.

How to contract

Q: Can I move out on the way?
A: You can leave but the rent for the remaining period will not be refunded.
Q: Is there an obligation to restore the original state?
A: If you break the furniture or home appliances due to the carelessness, you must compensate when you leave.
Q: Are furniture and home appliances attached?
A: For most properties, furniture and appliances are attached.
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