Please contact us by email or phone. Please tell us the date and time you want to see the property. Please tell us what kind of property you are looking for.

For example: 14 Dec. 2018. Room for residence and office. The wage charges is 2,000 USD~3,000 USD per month. 3 bedrooms…

Contact us here

2 We will pick you up at the hotel you stay with.※Please contact us more than two days before the day you want to see the property. we look around the properties by our car.

3 If you find a room you like and you wish to sign a contract, you sould be paid in advance for the monthly rent. On the day of the contract, you have to pay the remaining November rent to the landlord. Brokerage commission to our company is  one month's rent. Tax payment is required separately. If you cancel the contract, the deposit will not be refunded, so please be careful.

4 We will prepare a contract written in English. After paying the rental fee, You will receive the key of the room. We will tell you how to pay water utilities and management fee, how to dispose garbage etc.

5 In Myanmar's rental property, there are many problems such as electric trouble and water supply trouble. If you have trouble with the room, please contact us. We will arrange a repair agent. The cost of the repair fee will be paid by the owner or the lessee.


Rental agent's commission