Cost of contract for real estate rental

  • One year of real estate rent
  • Real Estate brokerage fee 1 month
  • Stamp duty stuck on contract(0.5%+50USD)

※Commercial tax is required for service apartment.

In the case of a room whose rent is $2000 a month.

  • $2,000 × 12 months = $24,000 (Room rent)
  • $2,000 × 1 month = $2,000 (brokerage fee)
  • $24,000×0.5%+$50 =$170 (Attach stamp duty)

Total =$26,170

※In Myanmar it is customary to pay all the rent for one year in bulk.
※If you cancel at the circumstances of the lessee convenience, there is no refund of the rent for the remaining period.
How to contract